About us

Culture like you could experience tomorrow. But, preferably today.

Like everyone else, the cultural sector is making its way through the obstacle course of increasing digitisation. Regardless of whether you’re the proactive type, or would rather wait-and-see, we have to get through it together. And that is something we can really get on board with at Cultuurconnect. Obstacles? Challenges! Problems? Chances!


Many of our services are the result of the diligent work of project teams, composed of culture professionals, external experts and colleagues in the Cultuurconnect team. Bieblo, Recommender, Voor de show, [Jouw stad] Leest... They were once all successful experiments, scaled to serve all local cultural actors.

In 2016, Bibnet and Locus merged to form Cultuurconnect. The services that Bibnet had for public libraries at the time were, at that point, incorporated in the Cultuurconnect offer. For instance, it includes Bibliotheekwebsites, Bibliotheeksysteem, Fundels and Gopress. Our product and service managers work hard to continually evaluate and optimise all of the services.

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Successful experiments are developed into services
Staff members
A team of experts working in a dynamic working environment
In a cooperative management model

Working at Cultuurconnect

Cultuurconnect means digital, innovative, engaged, enterprising, professional, lean & sweet. Our mission? Supporting and guiding cultural institutions with adjusting and achieving their goals in the digital community. Would you like to work in a dynamic and exciting work environment and convey this mission every day, together with a close team of colleagues? If so, we’d love to meet you. To spontaneously apply, send an email to jobs@cultuurconnect.be. Cultuurconnect has an equal opportunities policy. People’s qualities are the deciding factor, regardless of gender, age, origin or handicap.